International Conference on Tourism and Retail Management 2018
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Other Arrangement 其他安排
* 1) Dietary restriction 飲食限制:
While we will try our best to abide strictly by the dietary options, the provision of these special arrangements will depend on availability.

* 2) Hotel Royal will be offering a conference rate to our delegates. Will you be staying at the Hotel Royal?

* 3) Do you intend to avail of the morning shuttle service from the hotel to IFT Campus on the mornings of December 3 to 4 that will tentatively run from 7:45am to 8:30am?

The shuttle service is free but capacity will be limited. We will have a sign-up sheet closer to the conference dates for those who indicate ‘yes’ to this question. As an alternative to the shuttle bus (and weather permitting), delegates staying within the Macao peninsula can reach IFT campus after a 15-20 minute walk.

* 4) Are you going to attend the free workshop delivered by Prof. Arch G. Woodside on December 2?
您是否參加於12月2日由 Prof. Arch G. Woodside主持的免費工作坊?

The workshop will be conducted in English. While seats are limited, registration is based on a first-come, first-served basis. For workshop details, please click here.
Registration Fee 註冊費用
Registration Fee 會議註冊費用 MOP 澳門元1)

Apply for special rates 申請特別優惠 3)

1) and 2) and 3), please refer to the Terms and Conditions below.
Extra charged items 額外收費項目
Total charges 共需繳付
MOP 澳門元 5,200.00
Terms and Conditions 條款及細則
* Please read and agree the following statements 請閱讀並同意下列條款:

1) All payment will be collected in Macao Patacas (MOP). Estimated exchange rate is USD1≈MOP8.
所有款項皆以澳門元(MOP)收取,預計匯率約為 USD1 美元≈MOP8澳門元。

2) Payment received on or before 3 October 2018 Macao time (UTC/GMT +8), will be charged with early bird rate. After 3 October 2018, regular rate will be applied.
提早註冊的費率適用於澳門時間 (UTC / GMT +8) 2018年10月3日或之前收到的款項。 2018年10月3日後之註冊將適用一般註冊費率。

3) For registration that applies special rates, upon receiving your registration, we will review your uploaded document and notify you to settle the payment online via email.

4) For registration that applies normal rates, upon receiving your registration and payment, a confirmation email will be sent to you. Please bring the confirmation email and present it at the registration at the conference.

5) Cancellation policy: If cancelled on or before 3 November 2018 (UTC/GMT +8), 50% of the paid fees will be refunded. After 3 November 2018, all cancellations will be NON REFUNDABLE. All cancellations must be communicated formally by email to the conference secretariat. The Organising Committee will refund the fees in MOP directly to the credit card used to make registration payment.
取消政策:在2018年11月3日 (UTC / GMT +8)或之前取消,將退回50% 的已繳費用。 2018年11月3日後,取消註冊均為不可退款。所有取消註冊必須通過電子郵件正式傳達給會議秘書處。會議組委會將把澳門幣退回的款項以直接方式退回用於註冊付款的信用卡。

6) Privacy: The Organising Committee undertakes, in its data management policies and practices, to observe the spirit of the data protection principles and to comply with the requirements of the Law of Protection of Personal Data (Privacy Law) of Macao. The Organising Committee will make every effort to protect the personal information held by the Organising Committee to ensure its confidentiality and integrity.


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